Bench Bike

I've been meaning to show this killer bike setup off. Here it is: my front-flat-bed-cargo/amusement-park-ride bike: we call it the bench bike.

I've wanted some kind of cargo bike for the last many years of my life and then... one day, while cruising craigslist, I spotted an old worksman. This particular style of cargo bike is one I have salivated over for many an internet moment. 20" front with a (bike equivalent) flat-bed floating above.

It came with a GIANT front basket, but I was convinced by my skilled metal/wood-worker friend pat that I would be much better served by a front platform (or bench if you will). Pat designed and fabricated the metal frame/supports that replaced/augmented the structural supports for said giant basket. We found some beautiful wood to cover it, and oila! a masterpiece was born.

Back wheel in this case is (originally) a 27" cruiser wheel. I converted it to a 700cc custom built wheel with a sturmey-archer 8-speed hub WITH drum brake. Necessary, as the original hub was a sturmey 3-xpeed internal with coaster brake - not enough braking power for any kind of weight, let alone the weight of this bike!

I added another internal drum brake on the front wheel. Another custom build, not by myself but via ebay for a dual drum brake system. Whoa... I have to say, I went a little overboard on this thing. But it was worth it. I now own a weird old-timey looking cargo bike that I can use to ride my sister to the bar or to ride to discount fabrics and pick up a roll (or 2, or 10) to take home.

If you're ever in Oakland and you'd like a ride somewhere, look me up!!!

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