Portote Pockets

My good buddy Nancy moved to Austin and I miss her.  So when she told me she needed a bag I wanted to make it good.  She asked for a black Portote and that's what I made.  Worked out a few new things for the design in the process too.  

The little pockets on the bottom liner have never been sufficient.  So I made a nice big big pocket that floats between the velcro strips on the front side - with a zipper!  In the future, this one and another open pocket will come standard on every portote!

It just so happens that before she left town, Nancy hooked me up with some choice black vinyl.  It's super thick and it works really well as the bottom liner.  I'm on the lookout for more (in various colorways of course) to use for future Portotes...

Hope you like it Nancy!

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