Sleeping Bag Seat Roll

More camping setup details for all the bike camping nerds.

sleeping bag seat roll

This little roll sits right underneath my saddle and pushes the old carradice out behind the seat cantilever style.  I was worried it'd be all up on my legs, annoying me as I pedal, but it just barely grazes and after about one minute thirty seconds, it has disappeared from my mind.  Actually, when I tighten up the long cinch straps that wrap around the sleeping bag seat bag, sleeping pad and carradice, the sleeping bag scrunches up a bit and my legs no longer hit.

sleeping bag seat roll

Check the pics attached to this post for a little series of the roll wrapping a sleeping bag.  Once that's happened, the 2" velcro wraps the seat post and there's two more little velcro straps in the back (the two middle straps visible in the pic above) that lace through the seat rails and back to the wrap to hold it in place.

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