tom's bag

I've been working on a custom bag for Tom. He needs something to haul around a lot of stuff and he's been looking at a few trunk bags but none of them seem to fit the bill. That's where I come in.

We sat down and had a little brainstorm session and came up with a trunk bag that will fit (fingers crossed) between his back rack and his seat, come on and off easily, and fit everything and more.  Luckily he's a pretty tall guy so there's a lot of space between his saddle and his back rack.  Enough space for foot tall bag!

I convinced him to let me try out a double flap top, one flap front, one back.  And there'll be a handle grip (salvaged) and some d-rings for a shoulder strap.  

I'm including some construction pics for your enjoyment.  I've got a pocket pattern I'm pretty satisfied with and there's some details of those coming together...

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