Camera Messenger

I've been riding around with the camera satchel on my back for a while now. And while I love it, I've been wanting something with a more padding, and easier access to the camera - that's why I'm carrying it around right? So I can bust it out and take some flicks. Sooo... my solution is the camera messenger.

It's a simple bag with enough room for camera, mini-tripod, a lens or two, and all the little personal stuff you don't want to put in your pockets.

It's got tons of padding and a nice secure closure. Aaaand, since I don't always want to carry things on my back, I made sure it can put it on my Pass and Stow. I took it out on a bike camping trip to lake del valle recently to test it out.

For now this bag is going to be a custom order affair, but I'm thinking about doing a small run in the near future.

padding, padding, and more padding

1" foam pad sewn into the the bottom. 1/2" on surrounding sides.

customizable inner divisions

The inner lining has two strips of velcro loop. Padded inner divisions can be velcroed in wherever they're needed.

Porteur Rack Attachment

Rack attachment straps are included and can be removed when not in use. They're 1" webbing that threads through two sets of sew on patches. The bag will fit on Pass & Stow, Velo Orange, and Cetma (5-rail and up) porteur racks.

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