Camera Satchel

I bought a digital SLR a while back and I've been taking it around town with me to shoot photos, but I've found that when I pack it into a backpack, I don't really want to stop and take it out very often because it's such a pain. So... I decided to make a camera bag for myself.

It's a small shoulder bag with a roll top. I use the same shoulder strap that fits on the wedge and it will fit over my head so that I can ride a bike with it sitting against my back. I put two easy access pockets on the back and larger zipper pocket for wires, filters etc. - stuff I don't use as much.

Inside, there's a circle of two inch velcro, sewed that into the lining. I made a few different sized padded boxes with velcro on their edges that can be installed against the velcro on the lining. They fit various lenses and assorted doo dads. When they're in the bag, the boxes add extra definition to it's shape.

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